paintings based on collective decisions

2neu DSC03017

collectivity painting no. III

200 cm x 130 cm, on reused cotton with reused water and pigments, 2018

As part of the first European Kids Biennale (a collaboration between the SKD and the National Gallery Singapore) at the Japanese Palace  in Dresden, Germany, Stephanie Lüning started a collectivity painting series.

2neu DSC03022

collectivity painting no. IV

200 cm x 135 cm, on reused cotton with reused water and pigments, 2018

info about the collectivity paintings

For the duration of 5 months during the Kids Biennale at the Japanese Palace in Dresden, Stephanie Lüning moved her studio into the exhibition space, so the visitors could watch the artist during her working process.

For that show she also developed concepts for several interactive works, such as the collectivity paintings and spatial drawings in the “public studio space”. During the whole period of 5 months, the visitors also got to paint smaller ice cube paintings on sheets of paper by themselves to experience how to paint without using a paintbrush. The slop that originated from those actions was frozen into ice cubes again and big pieces of unprimed cotton were stretched to the floor of the studio space. Then every visitor got to place one colored ice cube onto the painting surface. So the structure and composition of each collectivity painting is only based on the decision the participants where making and by the time they appeared at the exhibition.

neu DSC03015

collectivity painting no. III and IV, 2018