colored car park

HBF – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum,

size varies, mixed media, Münster, 2015

venus wounded by diomedes_better

Venus, Wounded by Diomedes, is Saved by Iris

162 cm x 208 cm, pigment and water on canvas, 2018

based on a color proof photographic picture of the original

Venus Wounded by Diomedes, is Saved by Iris, by Joseph-Marie Vien, 1775


47°53’52.0″N, 94°45’48.1″W

size varies, beeswax and brass, 2016
Lower Red Lake, Red Lake Indian Reservation
Red Lake Band of Chippewa, MN, USA, 2016


39°22’50.8″N, 74°23’28.4″W

size varies, beeswax and brass, 2017
Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, New Jersey, US of A, North America
Febr. 21th 2017


NYC 42ng Street and Broadway

NYC 42 nd Street and Broadway, NYC, USA

265 cm x 195 cm, 2017

after a color proof picture taken by the artist in NYC

USA on Febr. 21th 2017


Solo Show

Schau Fenster Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2015


Elbe, Neisse, Oder – Aktion

Breslau, Poland, 2016


colored car park

foamaction, time lapse documentary

at HBF Schau-Raum, Münster, Germany, 2015

coloured paper

colored paper

mixed media, size varies

LOT – Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden, Germany, 2015

Farbraum Nr.I – Coloured room No.I, mixed media, Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden, Germany, 2010

Stephanie Lüning, Schauminsel, mixed media, 14m x 14m x 1,60m, 2012

Schauminsel – island of foam, mixed media, 14 m x 14 m x 1,60 m, Dresden, Germany, 2012

Vom Wind verweht, Ostrale,

Vom Wind verweht – Blown by the wind, Ostrale – Around you, Dresden, Germany, 2014

Der süße Brei, Klangkunsthöfe, Bärwalde, 2013

Der süße Brei – The sweet dough, KKH – 2013, Klangkunsthöfe, Bärwalde, Germany, 2013

Tischtennisballspringbrunnen – ping pong fountain, size varies, mixed media, Galerie Westwerk., Hamburg, Germany, 2011

Stephanie Lüning, Toilettendisko, mixed media, 2010

Toilettendisko – toiletdisco, mixed media, annual exhibition, Academy of fine arts, Dresden, Germany,2010

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