Geburtstagsfeier!!! – 30 Jahre Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen

Schaumaktion um 15:30 Uhr. Bitte unbedingt pünktlich kommen!!! Foam Action only at 3:30 pm. Please dont be late!!!

Wo|Where: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

Wann | When: May 17th 2023 at 3:30 pm

Um die Schaumaktion zu sehen muss man sich nicht anmelden.

Wer das ganze Programm der Feier (Beginn ab 14 Uhr) erleben möchte, sollte sich anmelden unter folgendem Link:



Dont miss the big Foam Action during the opening on May 7th 2023 at 4 pm!!!

For further information please check out:

Where: Essen/Steele, Germany

Staircase between / Treppe zwischen Kaiser-Otto-Residenz
und ehem. Wertheim-Kaufhaus
Kaiser-Otto-Platz 1–5
45276 Essen-Steele

Opening Weekend: May 5th – May 7th 2023

Duration: May 5th – June 25th 2023

Opening times: Every week from Wednesday – Sunday during each day from 11 am – 5 pm




When: each event only October 1th 2022

!!! When exactely: Foam Actions will be implemented at both locations at the same time.

October 1th at 7pm, 9 pm, 11 pm and October 2nd at 1 am !!!

For more information about the Foam Action in Paris please check out:

For more information about the Foam Action in Le Havre please check out:

Foam in LONDON!!! at GDIF Festival

Dont miss it on September 3rd and 4th at 6 pm.

For more information please check out:

Solo show – Transformers

Where: Galerie Gebrüder Lehmann, Neustädter Markt, Dresden

Opening: March 25th 2022


When: November 4th till November 7th 2021

!!! When exactely: Foam action every day only from 2 -2.30 pm!!!!

Where: Théâtre de verdure in Namur, Wallonia, Belgium

For further information please check:

INstagram_Englisch_Deutsch kleiner



Opening reception: October 8th 2021

Opening times: October 9th – Nov. 6th 2021

Where: DRESDNER SEZESSION 89 e.V., galerie drei, Prießnitzstrasse 43, 01099 Dresden

^^^^^^^^!!! UPCOMMING !!!^^^^^^^


Place: Scheune e.V.  Alaunstrasse, 01099 Dresden

On view only!!! September 19th 2021 at 10 pm!!! Don`t miss it!!!

A festival and groupshow with: bands, theatre companies and visual artists


Place: RAUM MIT AUSSICHT, August-Bebel-Strasse 38 in 04824, Beucha

On view / Opening: June 26th at 4 pm till August 14th 2021 at 4 pm

A groupshow with: Tony Franz, Georg Lisek, Stephanie Lüning, Christoph Voy und Levi Wolffe



Place: Dresden: Leipziger Straße (google maps)

On view ONLY!!!: June 20th 2021 at 4 pm

Gefördert durch das Amt für Kultur und Denkmlschutz der Stadt Dresden

Supported by the Amt für Kutlur und Denkmalpflege der Stadt Dresden


LINZ FMR 21 – Art in digital contexts and public spaces – BIENNALE

Place: Linz, Austria

On view: June 3th at 3 pm and June 5th at 12 am 2021

A collaboration between: Künstlerkollektiv qujOchÖ,, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Kunstuniversität Linz and Sturm und Drang Galerie

For further information please check link below:


PRÉLUDE – Nord / OST / SÜD / WEST – foam performance – a one time live action

Place: ROBOTRON cantine, Dresden (near by the Hygiene Museum Dresden)

!!! on view only!!!: May 30sth 2021 at 4 pm!!! Dont miss it!!!

A collaboration with Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst – Kunsthaus Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden – Kunstfonds Dresden, Ostrale and many more


300 Jahre Kupferstichkabinett Dresden

Crossing Borders. Sammeln für die Zukunft / Collecting for the future

With: Christiane Baumgartner, Irene Chabr, Lutz Dammbeck,Tracy Emin, Isa Genzken, Félix González-Torres, Mona Hatoum, Olaf Holzapfel, Roni Horn, Stephanie Lüning, Jacqueline Merz, Nancy Spero, Wolfgang Tillmans und Sandra Vasquez de la Horry

Place: Residenzschloss Dresden (G)

on view: Nov. 14th 2020 —May 31th 2021

opening hours: daily from 10 — 5 pm, tuesdays are closed


Music video release on instagram and youtube, February 20th 2021!!!

A collaboration between the band Karl die Große and the artist Stephanie Lüning

To see the music video please please click on the link:


Place: Oktogon. Kunsthalle der HfBK Dresden (G)

on view: Nov 26th 2020 – Febr. 28th 2021


An artist book with original artworks as part of the exhibition series EXISTENZ (G)

In Collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden

Publication on Nov. 26th 2020 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden


a collaboration between artist Stephanie Lüning, Architekturbüro Umschichten, Hamburg, Kunsthaus Dresden – Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Technische Sammlungen aka Museum für Technik und Wissenschaft, Dresden

at Technische Sammlungen Dresden

on view: August 14th – September 14th 2020


group show

open studio and guests  in der Molke – Radebeul

with Manuel Krolik, Thomas Judisch. Stephanie Lüning, Kax Mowalewski, Simonn Mann, Moritz Liebig, Roswitha Maul, Johannes Flechtenmaier, Frank Zitzmann, Nora Herrmann und Sophia und Susanne Hoffmann

at Alte Molkerei, Fabrikstrasse 26, 01445 Radebeul,Germany

on view ONLY!!!: July 11th and July 12 th 2020 from 1 pm – 7 pm !!!

Don`t miss it!!


group show

Kunst am Rand

at Gut Kinderhaus, Stadt Münster, Münster, Germany

on view: June 7th – September 20th 2020

I am an Artist 6x11 2019

I am an Artist 6x11 20192

group show

I am an artist…

at Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus Ohio, USA

opening reception Jan 24th 2020


group show


with: John Armleder, Joseph Beuys, Norbert Bisky, Hanne Darboven, Slawomir Elsner,  Katharina Grosse, Richard Hamilton, Stephanie Lüning, Jonathan Meese, Albert Oehlen, u.v.a. ….

at Kunstraum Potsdam

opening reception: Oct 18th 2019

on view: Oct 18th – Nov 17th 2019


solo show

Ich und die Anderen

Galerie Gebrüder Lehmann, Dresden, Germany

opening reception: May 4th 2019 from 4 pm – 9 pm

on view: May 7 th – June 15 th 2019

2018 wasserprojekt

Dear family, friends, colleagues and people of the world, please participate or share this post.

I am an artist and I paint with all kinds of unusual materials, one of them is colored ice (frozen colored water). In the summer 2018 I started an art project and it is still going. I started to ask people that are traveling to different places, if they can bring back or send back water samples, from all kinds of flowing waters from all over the world to Dresden, Germany. Because I would like to paint paintings with colored ice cubes again, but each ice cube (each colored spot on the canvas) is going to be a trace of a different flowing water.

So that’s we’re I need your help. If you want to participate, please share this project idea and tell people about it. So far I have around 25 bottles with water samples from Europe, Africa and North America.

Facts: I need  a small bottle of water(about 500 ml / 17 oz) from any flowing water in the world, GPS coordinates, time and date, when you took the sample.

Please remember to put the water in your check-in luggage!! in case you want to bring it in person. Because of the 100ml / 4 oz rules.

If you want to send me samples, please send me an email beforehand and we can communicate the shipping fee refund etc…

For more info and E-mail contact please check my website:

Also with the picture of the art project, that I attached, I published a little A4 size Zine. Please feel free to print it out, copy it, swap it and spread the news. Thank you soooo much. Sincerely yours, Stephanie Lüning


group show

Kinder Biennale – kids biennale, Dreams and Stories

with: Ólafur Elíasson, Félix González-Torres, Susan Hiller, Véronique Jourmard, Mark Justiniani, Jan Kunze (artist book), Lynn Lu, Stephanie Lüning, Rivane Neuenschwander and teamLab.

a collaboration between the SKD and the National Gallery Singapore

at the Japanese Palace Dresden   

opening reception: Sept 22nd 2018 from 11 am – 6 pm

on view: Sept 23 rd 2018 – Feb 24th 2019


blown by the wind no II – painting action by Stephanie Lüning

WOD – Initiative weltoffenes Dresden in collaboration with SKD – Staaliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Dresden

The action starts on Feb. 11th 2019 from 2 pm – … and on Feb. 14th from 2 pm – …

For location please check out WOD – Initiative weltoffenes Dresden online

neu IMG_0958


group show


Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden, Germany

opening reception: Nov. 30th 2018 at 6 pm

on view: Dec. 1th 2018 – Jan. 23rd 2019

Small and Wonderful Front2

Small and Wonderful Front3

Small and Wonderful Front4


Luxembourg Art Week

Nov. 9th – Nov. 11th 2018

An over crowded boat of refugees on the mediterranean sea
135 cm x 175 cm, pigment and water on canvas, 2017


group show


Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden, Germany

opening reception: Nov. 2nd 2018 at 6 pm

on view: Nov. 3rd 2018 – Jan. 19th 2019


Kinder Biennale – kids biennale, Dreams and Stories

!!! foam action at the opening reception on Sept 22nd at 4 pm. Don`t miss it!!!

at the Japanese Palace Dresden


solo show

amorphoids by Stephanie Lüning

 Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, OH, US of A

opening reception: June 15th 2018 at 6 pm

on view: June 16th – July 22th 2018


group show


Dezernat 5 Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Schwerin, Mecklenburg, Germany

opening reception June 16th 2018 at 6 pm

on view: June 17th – July 14th 2018


artist talk with Stephanie Lüning Columbus Arts Festival at the CAC in collaboration with the Greater Columbus Art Council, Columbus, OH, US of A

opening reception: June 14th 2018, time will be announced

how hard can it be, GGL DD, 2016_install (18)

painting action by Stephanie Lüning

Arts Festival at the CAC in collaboration with the Greater Columbus Art Council, Columbus, OH, USofA

opening reception: June 8th 2018, 5.30 – 7.30 pm


group show

Aufbruch und Neuanfang # 1 – Neuerwerbungen 2017

Dezernat Forschung, at Görgesbau – Altana Galerie, Dresden, Germany

opening reception: May 4th 2018, 7 – 10 pm


artist talk with Stephanie Lüning

and Matthias Wagner (curator of the Albertinum, SKD Dresden),

at Bruno – Paul Haus, Hellerau

artist talk: Jan 17th 2018, 6 pm

solo show

“ …the answer is blowing in the wind…“ Bob Dylan

at Bruno – Paul Haus, Hellerau, Dresden, Germany

opening reception: Nov 30th 2017 at 6 pm

on view: Dec 1th – Jan 31th 2018


group show


Dramaturgie: Tulga Beyerle Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden, Germany

opening reception Nov. 24 th 2017, 6 pm

on view: Nov. 25th – Jan. 20th 2018


group show

small and wonderful, feat. Laura Alexander 

Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, OH, USA

opening reception: November 17th 2017 5 pm

on view: Nov 17th 2017 – Jan 14th 2018


group show


Senatssaal HfBK, Dresden, Germany

with: Stephanie Lüning (Germany), Mariana Smith (USA) and Eva Harut (Armenia)

opening reception: Nov 9th 2017

on view: Nov 10th – Dec 3rd 2017


group show

open studios

Berlin, Germany

opening reception Nov 3rd 2017, 5 pm


group show


Ostrale – Biennale 2017, Dresden, Germany

on view: July 28th – October 1th 2017

group show


Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio, USA

on view: July 14th – August 20th 2017


duo show

Coincidence works from Stephanie Lüning & Johanna Rüggen

Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Görlitzer Str.16, 01099 Dresden, Germany

opening reception: May 6th 2017, 4 – 9 pm

on view: May 9 – June 17, 2017


duo show

I dream in color – new works from Stephanie Luening & Alteronce Gumby

Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio, US of A

opening reception: March 3rd 2017 from 5 – 8 pm

on view: March 4th – April 16th 2017

This exhibition features two very different artists who share an interest in color. Yale University graduate Alteronce Gumby, currently a resident at the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris, uses plastilina, a clay-based medium, to fashion textured paintings that explore color’s potential, both social and artistic. Dresden-based Stephanie Luening, a graduate of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, creates installations that involve the transformation of liquid color. The products of time, chance and atmospheric conditions, Luening’s paintings materialize slowly into colorful primordial swirls. Whether in clay or melting ice, both artists examine the most basic phenomenon of light and human perception: color. Please join us in this exciting exploration and celebration of rainbow effects. Both artists will be present at the Opening.

Hammond Harkins Galleries
641 N. High Street – Columbus, Ohio 43215
614 238-3000


group action


coming up: Febr  2017

Stockton University, Galloway, New Jersey, US of A
Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio, US of A
Participants: Stephanie Luening, Eva Harut, Mariana Smith


solo show


Schau Raum , HBF, Münster, Germany,

opening reception: Sep 4th 2015

on view: Sep 4th – Sep 6th 8 pm 2015


solo show


at Jan Kage´s Schau Fenster, Berlin, Germany,

opening reception: June 17th 2015 at 7 pm

on view: June 18th – June 22nd 2015