Sistine Madonna


Sistine Madonna, 256 cm x 196 cm, 2017

based on a color proof photographic picture of the original

Sistine Madonna, by Raphael, 1512



About the process…

I choose a photographic picture that I took with a white balanced camera. Then I segment the colors of the digital picture into the primary colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K) with an image editing software. The next step is to investigate the exact saturation of CMYK in all the pixels of the picture and I calculate the percentage of each color to the 100 % saturation of each color. Now I know the mixture ratio between all the appearing colors in the picture and also the proportion from one color to another.

Then I figure out how much liquid I need to cover/soak the whole canvas with paint. I mix the water for the ice-blocks in that very mixture ratio and freeze the blocks.

I locate the blocks above the canvas at the spots were the saturation is the highest of each of the primary colors. The canvas with a size in the same proportions as the digital picture is laying on the ground and the blocks start to melt. The melting color is slowly dripping, the canvas is soaking up the dripping paint and the colors blend together.

Stephanie Lüning